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Summer Light

Some snapshots from around the farm. This gorgeous summer golden hour light is slowly getting earlier and earlier, weaker and shorter. I'm okay with it since it means autumn is coming, but I do wish it would stay all year long!


Enchanted Garden

My Mom looks after one of our neighbours houses while He is away on business (which happens somewhat frequently), and his place has the most gorgeous garden I've ever seen. The flowers grow insanely tall, and it just has this magical feeling about it. My Mom and I were there this past week feeding the horses when this huge, insanely bright rainbow formed. We were both so excited, running around from place to place trying to see it better. It was a full, complete arc that was brighter than I've ever seen a rainbow before, and in the distance of one of the fields you could clearly see where it ended. I snapped these photos, but it had already started to fade. I swear, this garden is enchanted!


Prince of Wales Bridge

Sunset missions are what summer is made for. I've lived near/in Ottawa for the majority of my life, and I'm still discovering cool new places to check out. This is Prince of Wales Bridge, an old rail bridge connecting Ottawa, Ontario to Gatineau, Quebec. its been out of service for many, many years, as you can see by the overgrowth. A really cool spot to watch the sun set!

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