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Parc Omega in the Winter

Parc Omega is an animal park/zoo near Ottawa just over the border into Quebec. We went for the first time this year in the summer, and I shared the photos here. We absolutely loved it, and we decided to go again in the winter so that we could see all the different animals. In the summer they had bears out and about (they were hibernating this visit) and so many pigs with their babies, but no arctic fox, reindeer, or black wolves. It was really neat to see how the animals changed for the winter; for example, the deer were so incredibly fluffy, and the Bison were a completely different colour! Anyways, enough rambling - here are the photos!


Recent Portrait Sessions

I had about 3 weeks off from school over the holidays and decided to cram 5 shoots into that amount of time. I actually had a few more planned, but a couple fell through sort of last-minute (which ended up working out because the editing was incredibly time consuming). I had a great time bringing projects to life that I had been thinking about for a while, especially with the smoke machine. All of the fog was created using a machine my parents had from years and years ago when we used to have big halloween parties! You never know what you'll use as a prop :)

I need to get some of my work printed, so please let me know which portraits are your favourite!
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