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Algonquin Park

I went camping last weekend with the boyfriend and his brother & sister in law in Algonquin park! I totally didn't realize that my air mattress needed a pump, and it rained a fair bit, but overall it was a successful camping trip! Nobody fell off the edge of a canyon or went hungry, haha. Next time I am definitely adding air mattress pump and after-bite to my packing list, though....I fear I will never stop itching! Other than the obvious necessities, what do you always bring camping with you that makes your life easier? I'm slowly adding things to my camping gear...this year I bought an air mattress and camp chairs, but Its interesting to hear what other people consider to be life-changers!


Flower Power

One of my favourite things to do in the summer is take my camera to my parent's and take photos of all my Mom's beautiful flowers. Its extra awesome if its just rained, or if you can catch the lighting just right. This time is was extra special because on my way home I made a new cow-friend. Very cute.


Biplane Flight

For our one-year anniversary, I booked my boyfriend and I a biplane ride. I know this may not seem like a typical anniversary present, but....we aren't the "buy each other stuff" kind of couple. We'd rather do things together than have lots of things, and this was the perfect opportunity to do something here in Ottawa that we may never have found an excuse to do otherwise. Actually, I didn't even know this was a thing you could do until I saw a youtuber I love (Mr. Ben Brown) come to Ottawa and do it himself, and I've lived here almost my whole life. Anyways, I obviously took lots of photos, so here they are! And, for anyone who is wondering, we did the "river tour" which was 15 minutes long, involved some pretty steep turns (AAAH), and was $80/ea. You can find more at the Canadian aviation and space museum if you're interested....and no, I'm not being paid to say that, unfortunately.

Overall an epic day, and the boy really, really seemed to enjoy it. Definitely a nice present if you are dating somebody who has it all, doesn't want it all, or just loves planes.
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