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I find that shooting B&W film is a little bit challenging, especially when in a place that is so fantastically colourful. Instead of trying to capture colour, I focus a lot on texture and light, so much so that it feels like a completely different art all-together. I still can't say that I prefer black and white to colour, but I had a bit of a realization as I was shooting this roll. In an ideal world I would have a camera with a roll of each everywhere I went, but having 3 cameras with me is just slightly ridiculous.....right?

Shot with carena cx-300 and Ilford b&w film.


New Family Addition!

If you follow my on Instagram, you've probably already seen a million photos of our new dog, so please accept my apologies if you're an awesome reader and already know all about our newest family addition. But for the rest of you lovely humans, I'd like to introduce our new baby, Chuck! He was a rescue from a local dog shelter 'I am alive' pet rescue, and is (they think) a 2-yr old collie/husky x. It has been so much fun getting to know this little dude but also a challenge as his previous owners did not do almost any training it seems. We aren't sure if he spent most of his life in a kennel, or really much about him at all, but he is doing very well in obedience class and learning so quickly. He has the biggest personality, and we are so in love with him!

As you can see he is a very photogenic guy, and very handsome. We are looking forward to many, many years with Chuck as our adventure companion!


Little Black Dress

I haven't posted an outfit on here in a while, so I was so happy when eShakti asked me to style on of their pieces on the blog. I picked this adorable little black dress because I fell in love with the tulle sleeves, and fell even more in love with it when I saw that I could customize it to have a peter pan collar (seriously, obsessed). Since all of eShakti's dresses are fully customizable, I love that you can literally make it exactly how you want (because let's face it, we ain't all the same body type! #realfashionforrealpeople). I adjusted the length to be a little shorter, and I could also have changed the sleeve length, removed the embroidery, or even removed the pockets...though dresses with pockets are the absolute best. I styled this up for fall with some burgundy booties and matching scarf, though I ended up taking my scarf off because I didn't like the way it hid the collar. I saw a burgundy hat the other day and I really regret not buying it now, because I think it would have been adorable with this.

Dress: c/o eShakti's Tulle shirt dress
Bag: Thrifted
Boots: Spring
Scarf: Ardenes
If you'd like to see more of #eShakti, find them on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. I also just realized that they have wedding and special occasion dresses, and am now swooning over this gorgeous number. I'm not even engaged though, so...maybe one day! haha.

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