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Dog Days

Just a collection of shots from the dog park. We adopted Chuck from a dog rescue two years ago this month! It feels like he's been part of our little family forever, he is such a perfect fit.

Shot on Canon AE-1 with fujifilm superia 200 film


Eagle's Nest

Some film shots of cottage fun last summer. There is a brewery in this area called calabogie brew co., and they make the most amazing watermelon beer. There is also a really neat hike called 'eagle's nest' that ends in this spectacular view. Unfortunately some people were having a picnic on the most picturesque peak, but hey - we'll just have to go another time ;)


Back to Basics

It's been a hot minute since I've posted anything here on the old blog. I took a step away from film photography to pursue beauty and fashion photography digitally, and although I shot a few rolls here and there, I was so busy editing and planning photoshoots that I sort of got a little burnt out from photography. My hard-drive and film camera were stolen out of my car (seriously, so heart breaking. All my personal photos are pretty much gone). I felt like free time was not a thing I owned anymore. I took a big step back to look at the bigger picture once I realized this, and as soon as I could I went out and bought a Canon AE-1 to replace my old camera. I took a hiatus from planning any shoots. For the first time in over a year, I shot an entire roll of film in one day. It felt amazing.

So although I don't plan on spending the same amount of time blogging as I once did, I am planning on taking it back and posting my film photographs here again. Mostly because my Mom tells me I haven't "posted an analog adventure" in a long time, but also because I'm falling back in love with film photography and just want to share it :)
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