Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tattoos & Inspiration

I posted a few weeks ago a photo of my most recent tattoo in a photography friday, and promised that I would share a few more photos. I originally had the text "Like the Angel", which is a song lyric, and I really wanted to add to it. The past few years I played with a few different options, but I kept coming back to the feather. I finally decided that my birthday was the best time to get it done, and I'm super pleased with how it turned out. It does look quite similar to the inspiration image I showed the artist, but he drew it freehand on my back so it isn't a replica.

Currently the text looks a little faded, but over time the feather will lose a bit of the colour and they will match. I could get the text re-touched, but It doesn't really bother me for now. Putting sunscreen on the text and not the new part will help to even it out, since the UV rays from the sun fade tattoos over time.

A few people asked me if it hurt....the answer is yes, of course! The area right over the spine hurt the most, but since it was not solid black like text, it wasn't so bad.

I also have two chinese symbols on my hip that I'd like to add to. I've been looking around for inspiration on pinterest and around the internet, and I think I'd like to add some cherry blossoms to them. Cherry blossoms are a symbol of femininity and power in chinese culture (and, in Japanese, the fleetingness of life), and I appreciate the symbolism. Maybe in a few more years I'll get around to adding to it ;)
Do you have any tattoos?

Monday, April 21, 2014


This shirtdress is kind of a B*tch to keep unwrinkled. I ironed it this morning, wore it for a couple hours, and then noticed after I shot this outfit that it was still incredibly wrinkly. The wind didn't really help my case here, but I swear it wasn't this wrinkled when I left the house. Anyways, I love the colour and how comfy it is, so lets look past the wrinkles, ok? Good.

Dress: H&M // Jacket: Stiches // tights: urban outfitters // bag: Forever 21 // Shoes: Walmart // sunnies: Dynamite

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Guest Post: Why you should visit Australia!

Good Morning! Today I have the wonderful Kayleigh taking over the blog to share some of her amazing travels & photography. Please take a moment to check out her blog, because I just know you'll love her and her wonderful space!


Hello fellow readers, my name is Kayleigh and I blog over at The Way I Wanderlust. I am so excited to be taking over this amazing space for the day. I recently returned from spending just over a year travelling around Australia. Today I would love to share with you four reasons why you should take a trip to see this magical place.

The tropical weather

Queensland is hot and humid for most of the year, with temperatures in the summer usually in the high 30s. During the winter temperatures were somewhere around 10 usually. We arrived in winter which was perfect for us. We thought the weather was fantastic walking around in jeans and t-shirts while everyone else was in winter jackets. My favourite place was probably Magnetic Island, just off the mainland from Townsville. It was so relaxing to spend a few days there and every afternoon we watched an amazing sunset.

Laid back beach lifestyle

With so many beaches to choose from its no wonder people spend every spare moment soaking up the sun and enjoying a refreshing dip in the ocean. Every time we came across a sign for a beach we immediately headed in that direction. The majority of my pictures are of white sand stretching for miles. Cafe's and gelato shops line the strip, providing plenty of options for a refreshing bite to breakup your day.

The animals

The animals are so different from what we have in Canada. I was fascinated with every one, except spiders of course. Terrified of those suckers. There are plenty of animal sanctuaries where you can go and spend the day walking around and learning about the wildlife in Australia. The kangaroo's run around and we can feed them with seed provided at the ticket counter. Queensland is the only place you can actually hold a koala, of course I did this twice. They are so fluffy and cuddly and right at the top of my list of favourite creatures.

National parks

The first three months of our travels we spent riding around in a camper van and exploring the many wonders of Australia. Something that we absolutely loved were all the beautiful camping areas in the national parks. As we arrived during the tourist off season most of these places were free, making it very budget friendly. Everyone that we met were super friendly and always offered advice on places to see. The great thing about camping is you actually relax and enjoy free time. We didn't have phones, tv or internet which was a very refreshing experience. Are days were spent exploring or relaxing by a river and the nights were filled with campfires and star gazing.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read about my travels. If you would like to learn more head on over to The Way I Wanderlust.

If you enjoyed this, you will also want to check out Kayleigh's travels in Prague, Dealing with the post-travel Blues, and her Wanderlust Wednesday series. Thanks so much for reading!
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