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Adventures in Analog 2.0

I ran a roll of Fijifilm ultra 400 through my new Canon T50, and was incredibly surprised at how easy it was to use! Every shot I took turned out, Even when I took it off the "automatic aperture" mode, which was unexpected. I really love how this camera feels, and I'm incredibly pleased that it works so well and is in such good shape. Here are a few test shots I took!

And then, just for fun, a double (maybe triple? not sure what happened here exactly) exposure of various things. Kind of cool? haha ok maybe not, but worth a show.

I think I'll be using this camera a lot this summer, considering it is so easy to use. It also came with a lens cover, so I can carry it around in my purse without worrying about doing too much damage. Next I'll be running a pack of impossible project px-70 colorprotect through my polaroid sx-70 alpha, since the last pack of film I had was total garbage (really hoping they've made a new batch since then....everything was so, so yellow). Thanks for stopping by!!!

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