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Hello! Lately I've tried a new type of film - the Lomography color neg 400, which I picked up from the very limited selection at Urban outfitters (they are apparently not going to carry film anymore at the Ottawa location). I do enjoy the dreamy, muted colour in some of these, but as you can see from the first shot, it can still produce some lovely deep blues. Not sure if I like it more or less than the FujiFilm I have been using previously, but where's the fun if you don't experiment, right? All Taken with my trusty Canon T50.

Bought a 3-pack of this film, and have yet to try the Kodak Gold 200 I picked up as well. I'll have to wait for a nicer day for that though, lately it has been dark and rainy here in Ottawa. Hope its sunny where you are!


  1. Oh these are lovely!

    When I first used CN400 I was appalled (yes, appalled) by how true to life it looks and did not really resonate with the lack of "film grains", if you will.

    Now I really appreciate the saturation and it's my go-to film when I know I'm going to be at somewhere dark. :)

    1. it is very un-grainy (is that even a word? we'll pretend it is haha) but the place I got it scanned seemed to have some hairs on their scanner :/ these aren't dark enough to see it but there are a few where its obvious. ah well, I'll try somewhere else next time.

  2. Here in Dublin I can get that tone of blue only using a Lomo CN 800! Could you believe I haven't tried a Kodak Gold yet? And it's not because I don't want to. It's only that I never happen to think of it when it's time to buy new film!
    Lovely lovely shots!

    1. I STILL haven't even loaded any into my camera - its just sitting, waiting to be used. I'm waiting for a nice sunny day at lately it has been muggy and overcast and just sweltering hot. Hopefully soon I can give it a try! :)


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