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Hello! I was going through my photo stream today and realized that I happened to take a picture/scan at almost every stage of one of my recent watercolour painting/pencil sketches. I've made it a habit to scan my originals at several stages in the process, because sometimes (and this time is one of those times), I go a little too far with something. For example, the painting of my horse Ciro ended up being more in tune with what I wanted to achieve one step before I finished. I'm glad I saved the scan because now I can print that version to hang on my wall, and perhaps just give the other copy to my mom/friend.

Initial reference picture, and a rough sketch.
Finished Sketch, addition of some colour

Finished image, and (over)finished final piece.

I suppose it is up to everyone's taste as to whether or not the final image is overdone, but I personally prefer the suggestion of colour in the second-to-last version. Anyways, hope you enjoyed seeing my process, and thanks for stopping by!

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