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Dog with the Devil's Eyes

Little known fact about me: I'm incredibly un-athletic (haha, that's an understatement). However, I play on a recreational ultimate frisbe team, and this little guy is our "mascot".

I had to crop these because his leash was in the bottom half of the pictures, but At least they were in focus - he sat still for all of 2 seconds before he was trying to lick everyone again. Taken with Canon t50 and lomography colour negative 400 film.


  1. Awww... he's so cute! And pretty eyes too!

    1. he's a cutie for sure! Apparently he's part "catahoola" (I probably did not spell that correctly!) and that is why he has different eyes.

  2. devil eye? oh come on :D :D This is Mila :)


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