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Expired Polaroid600 Film

A few weeks ago I found a closeup onestep at a local community garage sale (If you live in Ottawa, you'll know the great Glebe Garage sale and all its glory). It wasn't until after I paid $5 for it and wandered away that I realized it had a full pack of film inside. Not expecting it to be any good, I took a few snaps and put them in my purse. Low and behold, the film was still usable, and I have zero clue how old it was! The side pods are a little off, but this is what I got out of it.

I already had a perfectly working 600 onestep so I sold the camera to a friend, but I enjoyed using it while I had the chance! Moral of the story: Garage sales are awesome, and so was original polaroid film! I love impossible project but they still just haven't come close to original polaroid quality. I will continue to support them and hope that one day they do!

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