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I recently started using an old nikon zoomtouch film camera that I picked up at a thrift store a few month ago. I got the roll of film I used to test it out developed today, along with some underwater cameras and a roll of film from an old family Nikon SLR (that sadly no longer works).

here are some of the images I had developed from the old nikon Zoomtouch 500. Film was fujifilm ultra 400.
(please click the image to see it bigger - The resizing makes them look odd)

And the only images that turned out from my family's old Nikon N2000 SLR.

On my way to get them developed I stopped at Value Village and found a Canon t50 for $40 with a lens, case, and flash, so I picked that up and am excited to give it a try. I miss the fun of old school film photography!

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