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Bluesfest 2013

July in Ottawa means one thing: bluesfest, and festivals in general. Food, culture, music and art festivals abound here in the summer, and Bluesfest is one of the best- a two week music festival that is definitely not very blues-ey. This year I went only once to see mother mother (a Canadian band from Vancouver) and Rush (no explanation necessary, I hope). I had kodak gold 200 in my camera that I had to use up, which wasn't great for the lighting conditions, but I stayed after the show to meet mother mother and simply need to post the photos. They signed my Camera strap, which was amazing. If you want to give them a listen, start with the album "o my heart". Pure awesome.
taken with kodak gold 200 & canon t50 (except the last shot, which was taken with my Rebel xt)

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  1. totally love the pictures! Wld love it if u drop by my blog sometime :D



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