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If you don't like endless pictures of horses and Canines, you have my permission to close this window. If you love them, then... you're welcome. Taken with my Canon t50 & Lomography CN400 film. Funny story about this film - I didn't realize that there were 36 exposures on each roll. When did I decide to read the package to find out? as I was winding back the last roll of it from the 3-pack I had. So there you go, I'm a total idiot sometimes and should really read things more. It's okay though, I got a new pack and am determined to remember this time. Anyways, Happy Friday! :)

Those dogs are sadly not mine - they belong to my best friend's family. We had a barbeque & little camp fire at her place for her birthday a few weeks ago - her farm is full of flowers and happy puppys. Sadly it got dark before I could take many photos of the flowers, so....there you go.


  1. I love the colours in the first two photos. And those dogs are adorable, it's a pity they're not yours!

    1. I know, I would love to adopt(steal?) them! haha

  2. It's beautiful, love the film photos! Such adorable animals, look at the face on the dog :)


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