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My Camera Collection

I have a fairly ridiculous number of cameras, according to the general population (definitely to my boyfriend/sister/parents, at least). 8 cameras probably seems redundant, but most of them do have unique qualities, and I've made myself a rule to not buy any more cameras unless they truly are completely different from something I already own. Anyways, here's some crap about my cameras, if you care to read on.

Probably my most treasured camera, the Alpha sx-70 has an SLR lens and folds down to a small rectangle, making it pretty freaking awesome. I've wanted one of these since I first got interested in instant photography, but it took me a while to find one in my price range in such good condition. I found this one on Kijiji and paid $60 for it, but I've seen these sold for $200+ and they are often sold "as is" (don't buy one online unless it has been tested!), so I think my patience paid off well in the end. Takes impossible project px-70 film, or px-680/original 600 film with an ND filter.
what makes it different: only instant camera I own that is an SLR

The timezero onestep was the first camera I ever bought, and these are relatively easy to find. I paid $20 for this one, and it included the flash. A fixed-focus, simple-to-use polaroid, but is pretty big and doesn't have anything to cover the lens, so for this reason I use it only around the house. Takes impossible project px-70 film, or px-680/original 600 film with an ND filter.
What makes it different: takes sx-70 film and is fixed-focus. Basically, If I want to shoot px-70 film and don't want to risk taking my alpha camera, I'll take this. Also handy if one camera has a pack of colour in it and I want to shoot black and white, or vice versa. Removable flash

The one600 is probably my "newest" or more modern camera. Top folds down to protect the lens, fixed focus, very easy to use. Bought this for $10 from kijiji. Nice to toss into a purse/bag to carry around, and takes impossible project px-680 film or original 600 polaroid film.
What makes it different: actually, this one is pretty much my only "repeat" camera. Aside from being able to use both b&w and colour film interchangably, I don't use this much (you can take instant film out of one camera and put it in another anyways). I do like how compact it is, though.

The closeup onestep is the camera I have traveled with the most, and it was a trusty travel companion. Top folds down to protect the lens, there is a lens slider for the "close up" lens, and has a built in flash. takes impossible project px-680 film, or original 600 film. I paid $5 for this one at a garage sale, and it had a pack of 600 film in it when I bought it. Easy to find, very inexpensive.
What makes it different: Has a close-up lens, very versatile. Can choose to fire the flash or not.

The Canon T50 is an incredibly easy to use 35mm SLR film camera, as it has automatic aperture and no shutter speed settings. I found this one at a local thrift store for $40 and it came with lens, bag, flash, and original manuals. I use this camera the most right now, as 35mm film is much cheaper than instant film, and it is so simple to use. It pretty much lives in my purse!
What makes it different: automatic settings, has a removable flash.

The Nikon N2000 is a manual SLR 35mm camera, and to be quite honest I've used it the least. I never owned a fully manual camera as I grew up in the age of digital point and shoot, so I'm still learning how to use it. This was my family's camera that they bought probably before I was even born, and I discovered it in my parent's attic just recently. I am, however, very excited to start using it more now that I'm learning all about the basics of manual photography.
What makes it different: only fully manual camera I own.

Nikon zoomtouch 500 is a point and shoot macro lens with a built in flash. You can find these or an equivalent at pretty much every thrift store for about $1 or $2 (but make sure the battery works, because those bad boys cost about $15-20, as I found out). Easy to toss in a bag and take to the beach or pretty much anywhere and not worry about it. takes 35mm film.
What makes it different: honestly this camera is nothing special and I could just as easily use my Canon T50, but because it is so replaceable I'm not scared to take it to the beach/ a party/ anywhere risky.

perhaps that was interesting or helpful to somebody, and if anyone is really interested in purchasing a film or polaroid camera, please leave any questions below. Also, check out a much more comprehensive guide over at Curating cuteness. She actually knows what she's talking about...


  1. I'm loving your camera collection. Polaroids are awesome, I'm actually looking to purchase one myself.



    1. They are so much fun, though the film is a little pricey. I found a lot of mine on Kijiji (is that only a Canadian thing? its similar to craigslist) and at garage sales. I've seen them sold for hundreds of dollars at urban outfitters though....I wouldn't recommend doing that haha.

  2. Love the Canon and Nikons!
    The Polaroid ones are cute!

  3. I've always wanted a true blue Polaroid myself but the film is way too expensive for me to set my heart on it but your list has given me great information which I'll definitely research more on.. :)

    Thanks for the little shout out!

    1. haha you're welcome! Film is expensive, yes - unfortunately there's no way around that :(

  4. Are you taking part in 'RoidWeek 2013? I did it two years ago when in a whim I bought a pack of the very expensive Impossible Project film.

    1. well I am now! haha didn't know about it but I looked it up, and yes, I shall participate for sure :)

  5. Oh so jealous! You have such a lovely collection :)

    1. thank you! I've been collecting for well over a year now, it's a bit of an obsession....

  6. You are a big collector! I love your Polaroids :P

    1. haha yeah, I am. perhaps too big....oh well! thanks :)

  7. Great collection!!! I only have one old camera, but I treasure it alot though :)



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