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Outfit post: Monochrome

Good morning! I recently purchased a second-hand canon rebel XT and therefore don't feel so bad wasting film on pictures of my clothes. Not sure if you're even interested in seeing my outfits, but if you are....its your lucky day! let me know if you like them :)

Skirt: walmart // Tank: Forever 21 // Shoes & belt: Garage // Glasses: clearlycontacts // Purse: forever 21 // Necklace & bracelet: Forever 21 (in gold)

Can you tell that forever 21 is one of my favorite stores? haha I buy a lot of my basics from there, and all my "fashion" jewelry. I was hesitant about purchasing a bag from there given the quality, but its holding up great so far and I've carried it for about 2 weeks non-stop :)

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  1. Love love LOVE your bag! Also your dress is pretty cute :) nice post!

    Lorraine xx

    1. thanks! It was pretty cheap for a bag but I seriously can't stop carrying it - I love it too! and its actually a separate skirt & top, I fooled you :P


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