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Summer Wishlist

Well, my film is still sitting sad and un-developed at walmart, so I don't have any new film photographs to post. I do, however, have a little wish-list of sorts- a collection of the camera-related things I've had my eye on these last few months. If I had any extra cash, this is what I would be spending it on!

1// Instax case 2// Camera strap with lens cap pocket 3// Cell Phone lenses 4// Battery door covers for instax 5// Abby Lilac Camera Bag 6// Horse Print

Isn't that Abby Lilac camera bag just beautiful!? I think I will ask for one for Christmas, if I haven't saved up for it by then. My family makes Christmas lists every year, and then we all go shopping together and have fun trying to keep our purchases a secret. What an odd little fact to share in the middle of summer, but there you have it!


  1. #5 is too cute! Definitely christmas wish worthy!

  2. I REALLY want a cute camera bag right now too! They're all so expensive though *cries of a broke peron* The photojojo lenses look really cool too.

    1. yeah I know, It is a little pricey - real leather bags tend to be around that much though, makes me sad!


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