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My week in Review 8/4/13

This week has been an incredibly stressful one. On Tuesday My Boyfriend and I planned to head up to the cottage until Saturday. Unfortunately my car broke down while he was running errands, and I was at work. $500 and a day later we headed up to the cabin, and has a great time relaxing.

Unfortunately, my cat went missing while we were away, but neither of my room-mates noticed. So Saturday was spent looking for her. Luckily we found her - somebody brought her into the humane society, but she was there for 2 days. Now she's home safe, and we had her micro-chipped so that she can be found if it ever happens again.

On a brighter note, I've started the "august Break 213" challenge over on Instagram (@JessicaHobin) so if you'd like to follow along, please follow me there! Here are the photos I've posted so far;

The August Break 2013

01. Breakfast
02. Circles
03. Yellow
04. Love

I'm using my Rebel XT for these, so they are digital - I'm hoping this will get me to learn how to use my DSLR more. Anyways, I'm off to Montreal for a night! I'll hopefully take out outfit photos while I'm there, since I haven't had time for many of those lately. Hope everyone has had a fantastic weekend!

Let me know in the comments what you've been up to!
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  1. Jessica, I have had my DSRL camera almost a year now and I am still learning how to use it. THere are so many options compared to a analog camera! Your pictures make me long for a rainy day and bake cinnamon rolls. Gorgeous!

    1. haha yeah I'm still learning all that it can do. I didn't bake the cinnamon rolls, but now I kind of want to! thanks :)

    2. I kind of feel like using my analog cameras again after seeing your pictures, but both are broken :(


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