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Week in Review: Moving Mayhem

as you may or may not have already known, this weekend was a big moving weekend for me. I switched rooms with a room mate, My boyfriend moved in, one of my room mates moved out, and another will be moving in to take his spot tomorrow. As I type this I'm surrounded by boxes, and I have a powder room to paint on top of it all. At least I'm keeping busy! :) Today marks the last day of 'August break 2013', so here are the final images!

The August Break 2013

25. Sunday Morning

26. YES!

27. Number

28. Smell

29. Your fav thing

30. Sign

31. Smile

You can check out my previous images in this series Here. Well, that's all for me, folks! I'm off to unpack some more boxes. Have a great long weekend!

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  1. Love your blog here! Found ya via the blog hop on peacoats and plaid. Sounds like a big move happening around ya! Hope the boxes disappear in time. Great pics! Look forward to seeing more!



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