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Flea Market Wanderings & Fresh Face Friday

The town I work in has a permanent flea market every Sunday. When I was a child, I remember it being absolutely gigantic - and it truly was. There was a huge amount of space set aside just for this market, and it seemed to never end. That space has since been cleared and paved over for a gas station and various other things, but the flea market still goes on (in a different, and much smaller, location). I still like to go, especially to take pictures and scope out any camera's that they might have!

Taken with Kodak 400 film & Canon T50 Camera.


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  1. Flea markets are my fave! All sorts of hidden treasure if you're willing to search. It's nice there's a garden center there too.

    Dannielle | Chic-a-DeeDee

  2. Wow, love the exposure used in the film!

  3. Gorgeous photos, per the usual, girl! I love me some flea markets. We've got a weekly one here downtown (it's actually a mix of a flea/farmers market) and I adore just strolling along, checking out the fresh produce, knick-knacks, and flowers. Perfect weekend activity. :)

  4. Oh! This looks awesome. Stittsville is quite a drive from Prescott, but seriously, those items look fabulous. I love me a good second hand deal! Thanks for sharing, I always wondered what was going on in Stittsville.


  5. I wish we had flea markets here, I mean.. we probably do but I should look into it. I'm sure I could find some amazing cameras!

  6. So happy to have found you via Fresh Face Fridays! And THE PHOTOS! My goodness the photos. The fact that you've used film photography has lit up my heart like no other. Not often you see it anymore, and it just ahhh, nostalgia has set into my photog heart. xx

  7. loving the boots...seriously amazing!
    want them all :)

  8. I love flea markets. There's always so much going on and you can usually find some really good vintage stuff!

    carelessly graceful

  9. Such gorgeous pictures! :) Do you develop them yourself as well?

    Your new follower on bloglovin',

  10. what a lovely post! flea markets are the best :)


  11. Ah! I've been dying to go to a flea market! I need to find a good one near me. :)

    Haily // lovehomebaby.blogspot.com

  12. In love with these pictures...your editing is stunning. I need to go flea marketing sometime soon.

  13. Absolutely love your analog adventures (and also, I came across your 356 days video - sooo rad!)


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