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It's a horse thing

true story - turns out one of my lab professors is deathly allergic to horses. I could send her to the hospital just by petting one of these pretty fellows and then going to class. Luckily for her, I usually don't go to the farm during the week! Also, I'd make sure to change and shower even if I did, 'cause you know, I'm nice like that. Don't want to go around killing people, now do we!?

Shot with Carena cx-300 camera and Kodak 400 film.


  1. They do have a calm feeling about them... they are gentle creatures these horses...

  2. LOVE these photos - horses are so STUNNING!


  3. I appreciate you commitment to not killing people. :) Horses are beautiful creatures.

  4. These are so beautiful!!! It reminds me of home. Before we lived in London, we lived out in the Tennessee countryside. Hard to beat scenery like that - green, rolling hills with cows grazing. Sigh.


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