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Outfit post: White after Labor Day

Apparently you aren't supposed to wear white after labor day. Who made this rule I do not know, because nobody that I know follows it (especially not me!). I found this dress at a consignment store in my hometown and never got to wear it this summer, so I wasn't going to pass on an opportunity, especially since summer is fading so quickly. Thanks to Ottawa weather, it was 16 degrees yesterday and is 31 degrees today- what a strange world we live in!

I got my boyfriend to take countless pictures of me twirling around, because this dress is so flowy. Most of them were completely unusable due to the rediculous grin on my face and the awkwardness of my legs as I struggled to stay upright. Don't let the tricksy cropping here fool you - my legs are in a very strange position. Thank goodness for photoshop, am I right? ;)
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  1. I love it, it's absolutely stunning!

  2. Uber cute! I love this dress.



  3. That rule is so out of style! Love the dress!

  4. Oh. My. Gosh. This dress is beautiful and you are even more stunning! Feel free to go consignment store shopping for me anytime. Yay :D

  5. So beautiful and oh-so-flowing! Love it.


  6. You found that at a consignment store? LOVE IT! Agreed, white after labour day is totally allowed. And jealous you're still getting +31, here in Winnipeg the summer started SUPER late...lame. And the cool temps are totally upon us already!


    1. haha yeah I did! Didn't realize it was h&m at the time though. And I totally spoke too soon, this outfit was photographed a couple days ago, because today it was only 10 degrees Celsius. Or 55 Fahrenheit, if you go by that haha. That's a pretty drastic change!

  7. That dress is super adorable & I LOVE your nail polish color. Totally unrelated, I know, but I felt like something had to be said about it lol!

    ♥ Brittney @ True Vintage Love

  8. That dress is gorgeous! I love how flowy it is!


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