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Autumn Decor

I recently decorated my house for autumn (okay, a few weeks ago. I was excited, don't judge!) and I thought I'd share some little vignettes of my house with you. Almost everything in my home is thrifted or re-purposed, with the exception of that adorable little owl - he's from Target! Oh, and that Bath & body works candle smells amazing. You need it in your life.

Shot with my Carena cx-300 and Kodak gold 400 film


  1. SO lovely Jessica! just the smallest touch can make your home feel autumnlike. Love how it turned out on your analog photography :)

  2. I love the decorations! I always get like this - I'll get a candle to feel more autumn-like, pumpkin spice coffee, all things autumn is amazing!

  3. I love this! I'm barely decorated anyway but when I am somewhere I feel more settled I can't wait to decorate seasonally. That owl is absolutely adorable xo

  4. So fun! I love decorating for fall! Loving that last photo - Hello Fall!

  5. These are so perfect! I LOVE that owl, I might have to go see if I can find one too :] And those leaves are just fantastic...I wish leaves changed colors like that where I'm from.

  6. Love this post! I'm extremely intrigued by the blueberry pumpkin patch candle... Is it Bath & Body Works?

    Haily // ourwilddreams.com

    1. I couldn't respond via email 'cause you don't have it set up! haha so hopefully you see this. Yep, its from B&BW! they also have that scent in a wallflower plugin :)


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