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Outfit Post: Autumn Leaves

Hello! Last week my boyfriend and I took a little drive to Gatineau park, a beautiful, gigantic park just across the river in Quebec. The leaves were beginning to change, and Boyfriend was forced into taking ever so kindly offered to take some snaps of my outfit while we were meandering. I also took about a thousand pictures with my film camera, which you can look forward to seeing shortly!

Top: Simons // Skirt: Forever21 // boots: Steve Madden // Tights: Target // Scarf: self-made
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  1. Purple tights! Love them. Did you manage to go up to the tea room? It's probably closed for the winter, but it's amazing if you can ever make it up there.


  2. You made that scarf!? Brilliant! Great work - and rocking the burgundy tights - up top for a great outfit!


  3. Love your burgundy tights and how you matched it with your red scarf. I would have normally been hesitant about pairing red with burgundy, but you made the combo a total WIN. Cute blog!


  4. You have the best outfits and accessories. I'd like your entire closet, please! :)

  5. Love it! Both the outfit and the scenery. And your hair!

  6. Your outfit is adorable! I've always wanted to try the tights with skirt look but I am much too short I think. Can't wait to see more of your beautiful photography! :] xo

  7. Ahhh so cute! I wish our leaves here would change already! Missouri is a little behind! LOL and I love your nail polish! SOOO cute!
    xo Emma

  8. I love the photo of the leaves in yours hands! It's the perfect depiction of fall!

  9. Oh my, I love your scarf and tights and nail polish and ring!


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