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Travel series - Lisbon, Portugal

Welcome back to Travel Tuesday! This week I'll be sharing picture from my time in Lisbon, Portugal. I have way, way more pictures from Portugal than any other country/city we visited, and the main reason for that is how safe I felt there. I didn't feel like somebody was going to snatch my phone out of my hands and run away, so I carried it with me a took a zillion pictures, something I'm very glad for now.

I also think that out of all the cities I visited, Lisbon gave me the best cultural experience. This is largely due to the fact that we stayed at an incredible hostel, the owner of which would sit down with travelers every morning and help them plan their day. He drew us maps, told us where to go, told us to 'get lost and find your way back', and was just the most helpful person I encountered on the whole trip. If you're traveling to Lisbon, I highly recommend the Travelers House. - it was the best hostel I've stayed at so far!

View of Lisbon from "the Jesus Statue"
Lisbon streets and Some delicious blood sausage
More of Lisbon from a birds eye view

The first night we were there the hostel had a traditional Portuguese food night, where they cooked sausages and served cheese and bread native to Portugal. Blood Sausage was on the menu, and you better believe I tried it all! We made quite a few friends the very first night, which was great. The first couple days we spent exploring Lisbon and Belim, where we visited Belim Tower and the best custard tart place ever (or so we're told. I had never had a custard tart before, but it was certainly delicious!). We had a lot of recommendations from the hostel, so we made sure to visit as much as we could.

My Sister and I at the Christopher Columbus Monument
Belim Tower near Lisbon, Portugal

We took a day trip to Sintra, a city west of Lisbon, that is home to a few really neat castles and Palaces. The tour took us to three different places, lunch, the beach, and a point that is the most western spot in all of Europe. We joked that we could see Canada and my sister said "really!?". We made fun of her for a while for that. I remember us trying several times to get the shot below, and another tourist gave us a big lecture about how dangerous we were being. The wall was all of two feet high so we continued with our quest to get the perfect shot. Totally worth it.

Most western point of Europe
More of Beautiful Downtown Lisbon
Climbing the rocks around Penne Palace in Sintra
Sardines and Crab at a restaurant near the docks

In case you couldn't tell, my sister and I are huge food lovers and we really liked trying local food. We ordered crab and sardines and when they brought it out, we had zero clue how to eat it. I remember watching the people next to us, who thankfully ordered the same thing. We figured it out though, as you can see!

Bull Fighting ring. We did not go because we don't support it, but beautiful building.
Shots from The Aquarium

Our last day in Lisbon we went to the Aquarium, which was pretty incredible. I remember waiting a long time for that turtle to come along! We had an awesome time in Lisbon, and I highly recommend going! My parents are actually there right now for vacation (I drove them to the airport....twice, because their flight was cancelled!). Next week I'll be talking about our next stop, which was Lagos, in the Algarve region of Portugal! Thanks so much for reading!
All images (c) Jessica Hobin, unless otherwise stated.

A Compass Rose


  1. My hometown! WOOT! Well I'm first generation Canadian, but I still call Portugal home even though I was born here! Great pics, Jessica. The Algarve is probably the best place on earth. I haven't been back sadly over 8 years :(


    1. ah, blogger seems to be making everyone's comments "no-reply", so I can't respond as usual! Hopefully you see this haha, but I had no Idea you were from Portugal! I stayed in Lagos in the Algarve and went horseback riding, it was beautiful. Also, we went surfing - probably one of the best days of my life. But all about that next week! haha.

  2. I also took a bajillion photos in Lisbon! It's just such a beautiful town (and the food--oh how I miss it!). This makes me want to pack my bags and board a plane straight for Portugal. Wasn't Sintra so great?

    1. Sintra was AMAZING! I loved all the neat castles, it was such a good time :)

  3. This place look great . And so all the photos :)

  4. Such gorgeous pictures! I miss Europe so much and I never made it to Lisbon. The food looks SO GOOD. Especially the crab. And thanks for the hostel recommend...it's always hard to find good hostels based on TripAdvisor etc ratings.

  5. I am so jealous, I have always wanted to go to Portugal! Great photos :)

  6. Looks like such a beautiful town, and yumm to the food!

  7. downtown lisbon is beautiful! It reminds me of Nice!


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