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Travel Series: Madrid, Spain

Welcome back to Travel Tuesdays! This weeks post is about my time in Madrid, Spain. I will start out by saying that immediately upon arriving in Madrid, I lost our Camera's memory card that had almost all of the photos from Barcelona and Nice on it.uring our time here there was some political protesting, so the main square was set up with tents and stands. We took a walking tour on our first day, but since we had no memory card...We didn't take that many pictures. Madrid is full of amazing history though, and I highly recommend taking a walking tour of some sort, because its the best way to learn about it! The one we took was from through the hostel we stayed at, La Posada de Huertas. I liked this Hostel, but it was nothing incredible and I recall the staff being a little rude. Very clean and lots of activities though, and we made many friends while staying there.

Madrid, Spain

Madrid was fairly relaxing after all the excitement of Barcelona. We spent a lot of time wandering by ourselves, as we had recently been traveling with the same person and were enjoying the time on our own. My favorite part of Madrid was the day trip we took to Toldeo. Toledo is a much smaller town just a short train ride away from Madrid, and actually used to be the capital of Spain. It was like a city out of a fairy tale, arrested in Medieval times. Honestly, this city is exactly how I imagined Spain to be.

Toledo, Spain

Seriously, look at that! Absolutely stunning. The streets were so narrow that you had to stand squished up against a wall if a car came, and even then sometimes you'd have to duck into a side alley to avoid behind taken out by the car's mirrors (which usually were folded in). We did a bit of shopping for souvenirs here because the town is know for its Damasquinado Jewelry, which is where they use gold (and sometimes silver) to decorate metal, and then oxidize the base metal so that it appears black. We bought a few pieces for my family, and a beautiful cigarette lighter for one of our friends, which she still has.

Damasquinado Pieces, Source

I really liked Madrid, and I very highly encourage anyone who visits to take a day trip to Toledo. You will not regret it! The rest of our time in Madrid we spent exploring shops and making friends. We didn't spend as long in Madrid as Barcelona, so we were off to Lisbon, Portugal before we knew it! Come back next week to read about our adventures there :) All images (c) Jessica Hobin, unless otherwise stated.

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  1. Beautiful photos. I've never been to mainland spain, only the Canaries and Balearics, it looks lovely.

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  2. I love these photos!
    Now I have to add Madrid to my future trips thanks to you!

  3. Gorgeous photos! Like the person above, I've also only been to the Balearics, but I'd love to spend time exploring Madrid and Toledo.

  4. I love your travel series, the pictures make me want to travel there so much, and it's given me lots of ideas :)

  5. Wow! Madrid is beautiful!! I didn't realize it was so historical!

  6. Beautiful photos!! Makes me want to travel to Europe again ;)

  7. Oh, WOW - that photo from Toledo is breathtaking! I lived in Germany for two years, and there's something so magical about Europe :)

  8. Fabulous photographs. :)



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