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Travel Series: Nice, France

Welcome back to my Travel series! Last week I shared my reasons for traveling, and how I saved up enough to be able to do so. I left off right where I will be picking up from now, so if you haven't already, you can read that post here.

The first stop on our month-long backpacking adventure was trip was Nice, France. We decided it would be a good meeting point, but didn't plan to spend very long here. I took a bus from the airport to our Hostel, and checked in without any problems. I remember leaving my hat on the airplane, and thinking "crap, I'm not even to my first destination yet and I've already lost something!" haha. We stayed at hostels throughout our trip, but I had never stayed at a hostel before this. I expected something fairly dingy, but was pleasantly surprised (we stayed at hostel baccarat, if you're interested - I would definitely recommend it!). The owner of the hostel upgraded us from a dorm to a private room, apparently just because we were Canadian (We encountered a lot of Canadian love on our trip, which was awesome!).

My sister was not so lucky with her train - She was supposed to arrive shortly after me, but she was taking a train from Cinque Terres and the Italian trains were on strike, so everything was confusing and delayed. I tried my best to stay up and wait for her, but of course I was incredibly jet-lagged, and passed out fairly early. I'm glad I stayed up until a normal time though, because I really didn't have much jet lag otherwise.

My sister (right) and I in Nice, France
The next morning we were eating breakfast in the courtyard at the Hostel, waiting to meet a fellow traveler that my sister had made plans to meet, and somehow got talked into going scuba diving. We took a basic Scuba Diving lesson, which consisted of being taken down for 30 minutes by an instructor and taught how to breathe. We didn't go far, but I had never been before, so I thought it was amazing. Probably wasn't something I normally would have done, but hey, we were in France! This is when I first realized that sticking to a daily budget was probably not going to work. I had an app on my iPhone that I could track my spending with, but I soon realized that I would go way over on some days, and way under on others (like travel days where you sit on a train for 8-12 hours!).

Scuba Diving in the French Riviera
In hindsight, going scuba diving less than 24 hours after being on an airplane probably wasn't smart. I think I caught a bit of a head cold from it, but I was definitely not going to let that stop me from having fun.

The next (and last) day in Nice we took a train to Monaco for the Grand Prix races, and spent the day having our ear drums damaged and swimming at the beaches there. You may notice that we don't have many pictures from Nice....more on that later. I had never been to any sort of car racing event and was suprised at how incredibly loud it was. It was also pretty pricey to actually get into the Stands.

Myself, My sister, and two new traveling friends at the Grand Prix races in Monaco.
We stayed only two days in Nice before making the incredibly long train ride to Barcelona. We had planned to take an overnight train, but those apparently didn't exist for whatever reason- Something to do with the train strike, I think. We decided to take the train during the day instead, and arrive one night earlier in Barcelona. I recall having a fleeting worry about finding a hostel, and trying to book one online, but we couldn't find any rooms. We figured we would just wander until we found one though, and didn't worry much about it. Onto the train we hopped, accompanied by a fellow traveler going the same way.

Our next stop was Barcelona, Spain! Come back next week to hear about what we got up to :) Spoiler alert: Barcelona is the pick-pocket capital of the world, and it was the week of the world football championships. Use your imagination.
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  1. I've always wanted to try scuba diving! I've gone snorkeling in Jamaica and thought that was cool seeing all the pretty coloured fish, but I bet it's nothing compared to scuba diving and seeing so much more. It doesn't sound good about Barca though!

    Dannielle | Chic-a-DeeDee

  2. RE: Barcelona. It totally is!

    When I was in Barcelona, I had, for some reason, put a 'handbag charm' on the zipper to my bag. We were on the train and I felt it tug against my arm. I looked down and saw a hand hovering over my now unzipped bag.

    I had always imagined what I would do in such a situation but none compared to my instinct, which was to slap his hand in a very, very British manner and say 'shame on you'. The thought still makes me laugh. He just looked at me like I was the socially inappropriate one in the situation and skulked away.

    I look forward (or maybe I don't!) to your recount of Barcelona. I know that pick pocket aspect really put a dampener on my trip.


  3. Yep, my iPod was stolen in Barcelona haha. But I'm so jealous, I wish I had made it to the French Riviera when I was there :[

  4. Scuba diving in France? That's awesome! I love to dive, but I don't think I would necessarily think of France as a place to do it.

  5. Oh I love those underwater shots! They turned out so so cool :) Hope it was worth the cold. It looked like a blast :)

  6. What a cool trip! :) I'd love to travel more some day.


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