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Outfit Post: Geometric

For the most part, the days of shorts and tights are over here in Canada. We had our first snow this weekend where it actually stuck on the ground, and its getting below freezing most nights. We still get the occasional warmer day though, and this was one of them. This was my first time using a tripod instead of forcing my boyfriend into taking photos for me, so I apologize for any weirdness. I'm still getting the hang of self-timers, haha.

Shirt: Target // Tights & socks: Joe Fresh // Shorts: Garage // Cardigan: Walmart // Boots: Spring
Perfectly Coutured


  1. Uhm. I love this outfit. you are the cutest!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE those knee-highs! You pull them off so well. And I love the tights you paired them with. You're gorgeous!

  3. love your knee-highs!! Don't you love alberta weather!! We've had snow for the entire weekend!! Can't wait for summer!

  4. you're brave donning that in this weather! it's cold here in southern ont so i can't imagine what it's like up in ottawa but this is an amazing outfit. i love the tights/knee high socks look. if only i could pull it off myself.

  5. This is DEFINITELY my favorite outfit you've done, ever. I love everything about it! You're so freaking beautiful! I laughed when I saw you got that shirt from Target because I remember when you said you first went there. I see you're addicted? Ha ha!

    ♥, B.

  6. I'm sooo not ready for that snow- just thinking about stepping out in the cold makes me want to pout haha. But I'm loving how you're layering here-those thigh highs over tights looks SO cute!

    xo marlen
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  7. Great geometric top! The leggings you paired it with are super fun!


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