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Photography Friday 7.0

Welcome to the brand-new Photography Friday Blog hop. I am a huge fan of link-ups, and always love participating in them. However, I have found very few (actually, none so far) that focus on Photography. So each week I want to encourage you to get out and take some photos! It doesn't matter what Camera you have - an iPhone, a DSLR, a film camera, an instax - Just get out and press that shutter! Blog about your photographic awesomeness and link up here to share it every friday.

This week I took my DSLR along with me while I walked my parent's dogs. I ended up being out for 2 hours taking pictures and playing with the dogs. Fun stuff, despite the cold!

Each week I will choose a new Photographer to be featured. To be considered for next week, please link up your photography post below and make sure you are following your hosts & co-hosts. These two things will qualify you for being a featured photographer!

Guy shared some awesome pictures from a hike in Ingleton. I especially loved the "money tree", I've never seen anything like it! Go check him out here. Thanks so much for Sharing, Guy!

001. Please follow your host/co-hosts and featured photographer!
002. Link up your blog post instead of your main blog URL.
003. Please link back to this link-up in your post, either with a text link or a button. The more people who link up each week means more people see your work, so please help us out any way you can :)
004. Visit and check out as many blogs as you can! Leave comments and love. This link-up is about community, so make some friends!


  1. Wow! Thanks Jess, and Elizabeth, for making me the featured photographer! Much appreciated! Going to be doing some layout changes soon and the Photography Friday badge will certainly be making an appearance!


  2. Hi Jess. This is brilliant! Some of my old posts are quite photography-heavy (as future ones will be too) so this is great. Thank you for hosting.

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  3. These are so stunning. You're really talented. It's basically impossible to pick a favorite, but I really like the frost and those trees.

  4. Yay!!! Another Photography Friday!!!!! I´m loving it!!!!

  5. Beautiful shots! And yay for a chance to share our photos!

  6. Beautiful photographs! Each one is an individual gem!

  7. Those are some pretty amazing photos! The 'money tree' looks so amazing!

  8. I got lost in the park the other day taking pictures of leaves and trees. It's so hard no to get "snap" happy! :) I wish I had a photo of all of the beautiful things I've ever laid eyes on!

    Haily // ourwilddreams.com

  9. Found you through The Bradleys, I love your photos, romantic

  10. Great idea - I agree, there isn't enough for photographers out there. Do we even have a hashtag on twitter to help promote our blogs?! I just use the #lblogger one, but it doesn't really fit :(

    1. I don't think so, since 'pbloggers' is "parent bloggers". Perhaps we should make one? haha


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