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There is something so strange to me about Powerlines. They constantly hum, they have so many geometric patterns, and they are unmistakably man-made with their steel frame. Important invention, these lines of power that connect us all, yet most of the time they go completely unnoticed.

Shot with Fujifilm superia Film and CanonT50 Camera


  1. This is great, one of my friends is really interested in powerlines right now as well, at one point I was working on a project about their interaction with trees http://cargocollective.com/marissao/tree-wire

  2. I never really think of power lines, and so these photos seem especially cool. Nicely done!

  3. I've never looked at power lines in that way. I do, however, love the image upwards. I'd be too scared to get that close.

  4. In the UK we can't get under them as they are fenced off so I am extremely jealous you got such great photos from below!


  5. The weird thing about power lines is that they're so big and everywhere but, as you said, you just don't notice them! xx

  6. These are absolutely stunning. I am in love with your photography.


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