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Royal Ontario Museum

The ROM has a huge amount of exhibits, and unlike the museums here in Ottawa, everything is crammed into one museum. They've got civilizations, nature, biodiversity, medieval times, photography, aboriginal & Canadian exhibits, and of course, dinosaurs. It took us the better part of a day to see most of it, but my boyfriend and I sort of skipped the bits that were boring to us. I imagine you could spend days there and still not see everything! haha.

This was my second visit there, but I still found it super interesting. Unfortunately it was fairly dark in some exhibits and I had neither a tripod or flash, so some of my shots are underexposed. That's how they were meant to be viewed though, because it was rather dim in person as well ;)
Shot with my Carena cx-300 on Fujufilm Ultramax 400 film


  1. looks like a great adventure. I love natural history finds at museums. I wish I owned a neat collection at home.

  2. I'm embarrassed to say I've never been to the ROM. Please don't judge me. But I will definitely be checking it out now!

  3. I used to go to the ROM all the time! Every Tuesday you can get in fo free if you show your student card!

  4. Wow look at the T-Rex! I always think it's funny how museums never have great lighting but I think you captured the vibe quite nicely :)

  5. That bird picture is perfect. And that T-Rex, omg. I can't even imagine living in a time where dinosaurs were just bopping around. And I hate how dark they keep museums, it makes it SO HARD to take good pictures.

  6. amazing photos! i love them!


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