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Travel Series - Vancouver, Canada

Last summer I made the awesome decision to accompany my friend home to Vancouver for a few weeks. Although I've lived in Canada my whole life, I've never been to that side of the country, and I'd always wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Let me say that Vancouver is an incredible city, and I would love to live there- I just can't justify being such an expensive plane ride away and yet still being in Canada. It was such an expensive flight...I flew to Paris for 2/3 the price I paid to fly within my own damn country. Anyways, I digress. Vancouver is awesome, and here is what I got up to!

We were picked up by a friend of Linus' (hey Dave!) where we immediately went for Sushi at 'The Eatery'. I ate my body weight in sushi, and was kept awake until a jet-lag friendly time, so I didn't have any trouble with the time change (best tip for avoiding jet lag - No naps, and sushi!). The first day I was there my friend had a wedding to attend, so he dropped me off at Granville Island to explore. I freaking loved it there - there was so much stuff to do in such a tiny little place. A market, boutiques, gift shops, food, the docks, and a brewery all in one place made me a very happy girl.

We had planned on going bungee jumping for a while and were incredibly excited about it, so the next day we took the beautiful drive on the sea-to-sky highway to Whistler. Bungee jumping is something I've always wanted to do, but had never really gotten around to. What better place to do it that in the mountains? I was terrified, and I definitely hesitated and almost chickened out, but I'm so glad I didn't. Also super kudos to my friend, because he jumped right off the ledge instead of crumpling into a sad little ball like me. Oh, and there's a video of me "jumping"...warning, I swear a bit, haha.

Whistler Bungee from Jessica Hobin on Vimeo.

We took the ferry to Victoria for a couple days in the hopes of doing some surfing, but there were zero waves and it was incredibly cold out, so we did a bit of shopping/exploring instead. Getting day-drunk on sangria and laughing hysterically in a year-round Christmas store were some of the highlights.

As was buck-a-shuck oysters at pretty much every restaurant. Pretty sure we just restaurant-hopped all evening trying different kinds of oysters (and Mojito's). We then took the Ferry back to Vancouver and I was taken to some of the best restaurants ever, and shown around to all the sites - steam clock, gastown, that weird building that everyone takes pictures of, and the main shopping district. I did not, however, get to go to the suspension bridge or up grouse mountain. I hope to return one day and do those things! We also returned to eat at 'the eatery' several times. No shame.

On the last few days we had, I somehow let my friend talk me into going to an overnight hike somewhere near Pemberton. We tried to hike to an abandoned hot spring, but the glacial river was wildly larger than I was promised, and I refused to get hypothermia and die we decided the much more easily accessible key hole hot springs were a better choice. Oh, and when people in Vancouver say "easily Accessible", it actually means a 30 minute hike down a mountain. With a backpack on your back, of course.

I also somehow found time to check out the Richmond night market with a friend from highschool who had been living in Vancouver for several years. There was way too much delicious food to be had, and we watched some guy throw fire around. I didn't take any pictures though, apparently. Drat.

Well, that concludes my recap of my trip to Vancouver! I really loved the mountains and the ocean, and I'm looking forward to going back one day. Thanks so much for reading!

A Compass Rose


  1. I've always wanted to go to Vancouver, been so close, but then didn't go. Also always wanted to bungee jump, but I have always chickened out of the last minute so kudos to you! haha.

  2. Vancouver looks like it has everything! What a great place to visit.

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  3. It looks like an amazing trip, I'd love to go there one day definitely. I was expecting more swearing on your video after your warning lol, I would have been much worse than you :)

  4. What an awesome trip! I traveled to Vancouver and Vancouver Island while I was a foreign exchange student in Canada and it's just such a beautiful place! I definitely could live there as well! :)

  5. Ahh, gorgeous photos! I went to Vancouver when I was young, but I'd love to travel there again.

    And I would never jump off a bridge. OMG... I'd die.

  6. Wow what a beautiful place! I never would have thought vancouver would be so pretty considering the other parts of Canada I've seen are mostly cold and gothem-ish. (because batman was filmed there...) Also- love the rebel you in the no climbing tree. Awesome.
    New follower - Whit with { Raspy Wit }

  7. These are gorgeous pictures, as always. I went to Vancouver when I was 10 but I don't remember too much about it except I liked it as much as possible for a 10 year old haha. I can't believe you bungee jumped like that!! I would never be brave enough haha.

  8. oh my goodness, but this is FABULOUS! Your photos are gorgeous. I've always wanted to go to Vancouver, and your post has definitely inspired me. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  9. This is so gorgeous! What a neat place Vancouver is!! I hope I can go there some day!

  10. This is awesome, especially the tree!

    I love the videos you make, they inspired me to make my first video, but how to you store them all? The files are soo big!

  11. You're from Ottawa?! No way.. so am I! :)
    I remember visiting Vancouver when I saw around 10 years old with the family. I'd love to go back and do things like bungee jump and day drink with sangria.. that sounds like a lot of fun!


  12. These are beautiful photos. I'm a Vancouver native but at the age of 19 I moved to New Brunswick - It costs me a small fortune to visit family so I can totally relate on the price of flying aspect of your post! I've been to nearly all these places and restaurants; I loved going back in time to my childhood and teenage years through this post. Thank you! :)


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