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Our Bedroom: an Update

As you may recall from my post last week about my New office space, I recently gave our master bedroom a little face-lift. I absolutely love the fun, bright duvet cover, and the art on the wall are pieces I've been collecting for a long time. These photos were taken during mid-day, with the windows open and lights on...so as you can tell, our bedroom is quite dark!

The duvet is from Urban Outfitters (I paid only $25 for it...steal!). The majority of the art is from a night market in Vancouver, but I do know the artist of the top left & right pieces is Lora Zombie. The print farthest right is a shot of my mine, from My Shop. The lights are old, and you could probably find something similar at Target :)

I love seeing what other people do with their spaces, so if you've shared your own too in the past, please link it in the comments!


  1. I love all the colors! They all work together really well.

  2. Love the colors! Looks really nice! :)
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    Sweet Southern Sparkle

  3. I love the rich colors! I also love how you displayed your art. I love looking at how other people do their spaces, too. I recently redecorated my room, so I made a post about it here: http://www.dreams-etc.com/2013/12/blogmas-day-6-room-redecoration.html

  4. So pretty! The colors in the duvet are gorgeous, and for only $25?! Amazing!

  5. I am obsessed with that unicorn print. Where did you acquire that beauty?

  6. I love that duvet!

  7. I love how colorful the space it - yet it's really calm too!! The pictures of the girl with the butterflies and the girl with the llama on her head are amazing. Love them!

  8. That gallery wall is cool! I've been meaning to put one together for my own room. Also those colorful lanterns and your bedspread are so fun! Love the colors. Looks great!

    xoxo Jess
    Foreign Room

  9. Yay! Thank you for sharing - Love the beach vibe you have going!

  10. I found it at the night market in Vancouver! Laura Zombie is the artist :)

  11. Haha I know they are odd, but I love them too! Thanks so much :)


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