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Somemtimes when I want to finish up a roll of film, I need to get creative with what the hell I take photos of. Sometimes they end up being the nicest shots, and sometimes they don't. I'll let you decide which these are ;)

A little update about Film: Lately I've been struggling with a good lab to get my film developed. Black's is the only place left that will scan my images big enough to print, but it costs $18 to get a roll of film developed. They have a cheaper option, which is to buy their film for $14 that comes with the developing, but not the scanning. So you may see a bit less film photography until I get some of this sorted out. I am currently in Orlando, Florida at DisneyWorld though, so I'm sure you'll see lots of film from there!

Taken with Lomo CN 400 film & Canon T50 Camera


  1. I didn't realise that you use film. How lovely. In the UK it is also very hard to find a decent place to get film developed... Do you have your own scanner to cut some of the cost?
    Claire xx | somewhere... beyond the sea

  2. my friend learned how to develop film so she could do her own, it's such a shame how expensive it is and it seems to be a dying art. I love your fluffy kitty and love that breakfast shot.

  3. love the lighting on those .. i do the same thing with photos - take a million random ones then have to decide how they can fit into my blog haaa


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