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Guest Post: Adventures in Alaska!

Today I am super excited to introduce you to the incredibly talented Mar, who writes an awesome blog called t.o. & fro. Mar lives in Toronto, just a stone's throw away from myself, and I know you guys will love her photographs like I do! Please check her out on her blog, and feel free to media-stalk her on Bloglovin', twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Hi friends! My name is Mar and I can be found over at t.o. & fro. I am an environmental educator, travel addict, animal lover, photography junkie (just like Jessica), outdoor enthusiast and my hockey-playing hubby's #1 fan. I started this little blog when an unexpected move took us over 4500 miles from home in Toronto to the land of the midnight sun, Alaska! That's right, Alaska! And while we recently moved back to Toronto this past summer, Alaska still holds a huge place in our hearts. So, today I can't wait to share with you some of my favourite Alaskan adventures, in photos of course...
5// Kenai Fjords National Park
Seward is a small town about a 3 hour, extremely picturesque, drive south of Anchorage on the Kenai Peninsula.  We visited Seward and Kenai Fjords National Park many times to go camping, fishing, wildlife viewing, hiking up Exit glacier, and to just enjoy the small coastal town. 
4// Homer
Homer is a city located on the Kenai Peninsula, approximately 4 hours south of Anchorage and has been long known as the "halibut fishing capital of the world". We visited Homer with friends on our last weekend in Alaska and while the odds were not in our favour to go out fishing on Kachemak Bay, we did enjoy exploring the Homer Spit, seeing some familiar sights like the Time Bandit and Salty Dawg Saloon, both made famous by Discovery's Deadliest Catch, and taking in the beauty of the surrounding mountains.
3// 26 Glaciers Cruise
In summer 2012, we had family visit and decided to fill their time in Alaska with adventure, including a 26 Glacier Cruise. The 5-hour cruise traverses 145 miles through the pristine passageways of Alaska's Prince William Sound. We explored the serenity of Esther Passage, viewed majestic alpine and tidewater glaciers and saw an abundance of Alaskan wildlife, such as stellar sea lions, sea otters, kittiwakes and bald eagles, all while traveling in luxurious comfort aboard the Klondike Express, the fastest catamaran in Alaska. 
2// Fishing in Prince William Sound
Fishing on Prince William Sound was one of our favourite adventures during our time in Alaska. There really is no other place like the Sound with its islands, fjords, glaciers and abundance of marine life from seals to porpoises, to bears, bald eagles, salmon and halibut. We hope to repeat the adventure this summer when we go back to visit. 
And the best for last,
1// Denali National Park
Home to Denali, or Mount McKinley, aka North America's tallest peak, Denali National Park is much more than just a mountain. At six million acres of wild land, the park is bisected by just one ribbon of road that allows travelers to enjoy the view of the landscape and the wild animals, both large and small, that roam the unfenced lands, living as they have for ages. Despite being located a 4 hour drive north of Anchorage, we visited Denali NP 3 times in 3 years, including one trip in late summer to view the fall colours. But, no matter the season you visit or how far into the park you step, the beauty and vastness of this Alaskan icon quickly gives you an appreciation for the magic Mother Nature can create.
Simply put, Alaska got into our blood, and I'm sure you see why. The time we spent, the friends we made and memories we created will stick with us forever, and I hope these photos have inspired you to one day take a trip up to the great state and experience it's beauty for yourself.  A huge thank you to Jessica for allowing me to take over for the day! 

Find more of Mar on her blog | Bloglovin' | twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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  1. Great photos! I would love to go to Alaska someday...adventurous!


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