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My 25 before 25 list & A Birthday Giveaway!

Good morning! Today I will be turning the ripe old age of 24. I'm fairly close to losing my shit about being a quarter-century old, so in an attempt to cheer myself up I dug out my '25 before 25' list that I made many years ago.I wanted to see exactly how well I've been doing, since I have only one year left to complete it! So, here it is, in its embarrassing entirety.

Top 25 before 25

1. Travel to Europe
2. Go out for dinner but only order desert
3. Pay off my car
4. Go to the Toronto zoo
5. Take a road trip further than Toronto
6. Get my G licence
7. Host a fancy dinner party
8. Spend a weekend in nature without any technology
9. Post on my blog once a week
10. Make a Halloween costume from scratch
11. Skate on the canal for Valentine’s day
12. Spend 1 day a month doing something artistic
13. Go a month without eating out and put the money in savings
14. Go bungee jumping or sky diving
15. Watch the sun rise and set on the same day
16. Create a book of quotes that inspire me
17. Stop wearing makeup every day
18. Plant a tree
19. Volunteer at an animal shelter
20. Switch to all eco-friendly household products
21. Get a mani/pedi with a friend
22. Surprise somebody with a dinner I made myself
23. Spend a day in my home town as a ‘tourist’ (Ottawa)
24. Sponsor a child
25. Take a vacation to somewhere warm

Does anyone else have one of these 'X before X' lists? What would be on yours if you did?

Giveaway Time!

StephyLee of StephyLee Photography is giving away a $10 credit to her Etsy store, and I'm giving away one month of featured ad space in celebration! Stephy is an incredibly talented photographer with an Etsy Shop where she sells her prints, as well as her own book! Here are some of my favourites by her, but please stop by her shop and take a peek at her photos for yourself! Good luck :)

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  1. I'm excited to be on your blog today!!! And I love your list. :)

  2. Happy happy birthday! I turned 24 on Tuesday, so I'm right there with you. I don't have a 25 by 25 list, so maybe I should make one quickly and get crackin' on it.
    Also, to celebrate all of these lovely March birthdays, I'm hosting a Birthday Party Bloghop on Monday. I'd love for you to link this up!

  3. You've never been to the Toronto Zoo?! You must come back just to go there! I love the Zoo. Make sure the day isn't too too hot though, there's lots of walking.

  4. Oh man. I had a hard time turning 25. When my friend turned 25 we went to the local children's museum because in our minds when you're 25 you can't be a kid anymore! Ha! Now I'm just really REALLY worried about 30 in a couple years!

  5. I am excite dot have you! haha :)

  6. No, Never been! I almost went last October but the weather was bad. Hopefully this year will be the year!

  7. Happy Birthday! This post made me laugh because I turn 25 in May and I'm pretty close to loosing my shit over that one. haha. Though, I don't know what was worse than turning 16 and having my 8 year old brother tell me that my life was half over. (I told my mom if for some strange reason I do die at age 32, my brother has to get up and tell that story at my funeral.)

  8. Ah, 30 would be a hard one too! Lol so would 50....Oh Jeeze, now I'm freaking myself out, haha.

  9. Thanks! Haha your life is just starting at 16! Half over at 25 though ;) Lol, just kidding of course!


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