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Photography Friday 25

Welcome to the Photography Friday Blog hop! This is a blog linkup that focuses on Photography, at any skill level or experience. Each week we want to encourage you to get out and take some photos! It doesn't matter what Camera you have - an iPhone, a DSLR, a film camera, an instax - Just get out and press that shutter! Blog about your photographic awesomeness and link up here to share it every friday. If you'd like feedback on something, leave a comment asking what you'd like to know and your host will be happy to provide you with some.

It snowed again today. I don't know why, but I honestly can't stand the snow anymore! So in an attempt to make myself feel better, here are some shots from last spring. I can't wait for the flowers and the bumble bees! What are you most excited for?

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Delia from Stream of consciousness shared some of her gorgeous photography, as well as some basic lessons in photography that are always good to touch back on. This was an extremely helpful post, especially for any beginners out there! Thanks so much for sharing, Delia :)

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  1. Aww these floral photos make me soooo excited for spring to get here!

  2. I think flower photos are my favourites! So pretty.

  3. We've not had any snow here in London, but even so, I'm totally ready for Spring! Great photographs as always, Jess. I was just wondering, what lens do you usually use for creating a bokeh effect, f/1.8?

  4. The first four are with my canon 50mm f1.8 (on my film camera) and the last ones are with my f3.5. Definitely better bokeh with the f1.8 though :)

  5. Hi Jess! There's many beautiful photos here! I linked up one of my photos from the photo challenge I was participating in, but it's not by any means a good photo..just cute :)

  6. Superb shots ! these are really fantastic photographs . People will many times associate a macro lens with flower photography, but it does not always have to be so. In fact, my favorite lens for flower photography is a 100-400mm lens used at the longer end of the zoom. I like the way it renders flowers and backgrounds, easily separating the subject from the rest.

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