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Blush Lace

I decided to dress like it was summer the other day....you may notice that my fists are clenched and I have huge goosebumps, but I refused to admit I was cold. Its supposed to be Spring, Damnit! Get your shit together, Canada, because I'm tired of this wishy-washy weather crap. Who's with me!?

Dress: American Eagle // cardigan: Target // Flats: Walmart // Necklaces & Bag: Forever 21 // Glasses: Derek Cardigan


  1. I so miss American Eagle being in England, I used to get everything there. Cute dress!

  2. Love it with the black tights, I need to get myself a pair :).

  3. They don't have it there anymore? That sucks! I got this dress from an outlet, normally its a bit too expensive for the quality in my opinion...haha.


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