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I posted a few weeks ago a photo of my most recent tattoo in a photography friday, and promised that I would share a few more photos. I originally had the text "Like the Angel", which is a song lyric, and I really wanted to add to it. The past few years I played with a few different options, but I kept coming back to the feather. I finally decided that my birthday was the best time to get it done, and I'm super pleased with how it turned out. It does look quite similar to the inspiration image I showed the artist, but he drew it freehand on my back so it isn't a replica.

Currently the text looks a little faded, but over time the feather will lose a bit of the colour and they will match. I could get the text re-touched, but It doesn't really bother me for now. Putting sunscreen on the text and not the new part will help to even it out, since the UV rays from the sun fade tattoos over time.

A few people asked me if it hurt....the answer is yes, of course! The area right over the spine hurt the most, but since it was not solid black like text, it wasn't so bad.

I also have two chinese symbols on my hip that I'd like to add to. I've been looking around for inspiration on pinterest and around the internet, and I think I'd like to add some cherry blossoms to them. Cherry blossoms are a symbol of femininity and power in chinese culture (and, in Japanese, the fleetingness of life), and I appreciate the symbolism. Maybe in a few more years I'll get around to adding to it ;)
Do you have any tattoos?


  1. No tattoos yet. But I'm definitely thinking about getting one. I already know what I want, just need to figure out what style of script.. Love how your tattoo addition came out :)

  2. Oh man. I love tattoos. I'm obsessed with them. I just got a pink bow on my thumb with my best friend, Carrie. Note to self: don't expect much from a finger tattoo. It's faded already. Womp womp. I also have a colossal squid on my calf and a diamond behind my ear (matches my cousin). This summer I'll be getting my forearms done. I'm so excited!

    I've always wanted a back tattoo but I'd get sad that I couldn't look at it haha! Yours is lovely though. :)

  3. Gorgeous! I'm hoping to get my first tattoo this summer, but it will all depend on the money.

    Off topic- your hair! It's incredible! How did you do it?

  4. I have a ton of tattoos and an idea for at least 2 more. :)

  5. I'm thinking of having something added to text I have on my back too. Cool to see how it's worked out for other people! Tattoo looks great, and I love the placement


  6. Not yet but this year, hopely jeje


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