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When Spring hasn't quite Sprung

I don't know about you guys, but where I live, Spring doesn't just happen and all of a sudden its shorts and t-shirts. It may feel like spring, but there is still a few feet of snow on the ground- I can't go frolicking about in sandals, because I'll step in a snow bank. Oh, And everything kind of smells like dog poop. That is why I find Spring to be the most challenging season to dress for. I desperately want to pull out the shorts and neons, but the weather is still not co-operating. This is the kind of outfit I tend to go for in Spring - still warm, but there's a dress thrown in there.

Bag: Forever21 // Boots: Ardenes // Dress: Walmart // Belt: Aldo // Sweater & tights: target // Watch: seiko

How do you dress for the bi-polar Spring weather?


  1. Pretty similar to spring in the uk. It's horrible here today, cold and wet.

  2. I would definitely wear this whole outfit! Love it! Pittsburgh is one of those places where you could experience all 4 seasons in one day so I always wear a couple layers. That dress is so cute!! Is it seriously from WalMart?!?! If so, Go WalMart! I'm impressed!


  3. I can imagine! It doesn't rain as much here I don't think, but we certainly have more snow :(

  4. It is from Walmart! Pretty sure it was $12, haha.

  5. So cute! I can see myself-from-four-or-five-years-ago wearing this, haha. (I still like it, but I've kind of let myself give up on wearing things I find super uncomfortable, like tights.)


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