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Adventures in B&W

I recently made a new friend who is into photography, so we grabbed our cameras and headed up to Gatineau park to see what was around. Unfortunately, the snow was still pretty deep up in the hills, so we couldn't access the main parts of the park. We did take a little hike through the snow though, and found a little cabin and some views to take shots of. We'll try again now that the snow is completely gone, but here are the shots from that day!

Shot with Ilford 125 b&w film and Carena cx-300 camera


  1. Gorgeous shots, i am really enjoying using B&W at the moment too!

  2. Beautiful! I love black and white shots. The cabin area looks so cool!

  3. Thanks so much Rhianne! I'm excited to have somebody who doesn't think I'm crazy for having more than 1 camera haha

  4. These pictures are really beautiful. I love black and white photography.

  5. Super cool! Have you tried developing the black and white yourself?


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