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Peacock Feathers

I don't really know why, but this dress reminds me of peacock feathers. I bought it a few years ago and have only worn it a handful of times, but recently I've started wearing it quite a bit. Funny how sometimes you rediscover an old piece and fall in love with it again!

P.s. I apologize for the slightly weary look on my face in some of these - my sister was taking the photos for me, and I wasn't sure what the heck she was try to do half the time! haha.

Dress: Thrifted // Cardigan: Target // shoes: walmart // Necklace: Forever 21


  1. Love the skirt. It kinda does remind me of peacock feathers! It looks also very gatsby like as well. Super cute!!


  2. Cute! Thrifting for me is either amazing or a big let down- it's so hard to predict. Looks like a lovely spring background!


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