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This Old House

Some snapshots in Black and white of around the house. Lately my new room-mates have been being difficult, and I miss the times when I lived with friends.

Shot with ilford 125 B&W film and Carena CX-300


  1. I love black and white because then it's all about the little details. Great shots.


  2. Great pictures! Hope your roommate situation improves:)

  3. This collection is so soothing. I'm sorry things with the housemates are rubbish. Hopefully they'll get better with time (fingers crossed!).

    P.S. sorry I've only just found my way back to your blog, as soon as I saw these photos, I realised how much I'd missed seeing you capturing the world.

  4. thank you! I'm hoping they do as well. And no worries, I've been bad at reading blogs lately as well...just too busy!

  5. Jess, bad roomie situations are the worse and I hope things take a turn for the better soon! PS: I love your flower pot!


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