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Happy Monday!!! I'm back from my week-long vacation (it was more of a stay-cation, but hey, I'm not complaining) with a new outfit post. This dress from Quiz reminds me so much of dainty porcelain, I just love it. I'm also really into ballet sleeves lately, where the sleeves falls just off the shoulder....did I make that term up, or is that a thing? Either way I just think everything about this dress is so pretty and delicate.

Dress: c/o Quiz // Belt: Aldo // Flats: Walmart // Purse: Gift // earrings: Forever 21


  1. That dress is so dang cute! What a pretty print ♥

  2. This dress is lovely and your legs are super long! :) Love this outfit!

  3. thanks! Me too, but it does make wearing bras difficult, haha!

  4. Thanks Brooke! I love the print too, reminds me of vintage china!

  5. haha they aren't really...I'm pretty short! But thank you for saying so :)

  6. oh my goodness, I adore this look!

  7. Jessica I am loving your style posts lately! I totally understand what ballet sleeves are and love them too (you didn't make it up haha!)

    I think the earrings are my favorite part of this outfit though! I had a look at your Chictopia link and love your style on their too. Awesome job :)



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