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Augtober in Ottawa

Apparently the weather has decided that is it Autumn here in Ottawa, as this entire past week has been well below 20 degrees and very rainy. Don't get me wrong, I love Autumn, but having my entire summer and winter wardrobe out at one time makes for a very crowded closet. On the bright side, I got to wear my new boots, and drinking tea is much more appropriate!

Chambray shirt: Forever 21 //
Cardigan: Target //
Jeans: Garage //
Rings: Aldo //
Boots: Spring //
Bag: Aldo//

Please excuse the blurriness of my face in these photos. It was a very dreary day and my Aperture was wide open, making it very hard to keep everything in focus. Please forgive me!


  1. Love the fall look! That scarf is beautiful. Below 20 already!! Boo


  2. Augtober is exactly what last weekend felt like in Ottawa, but I don't mind at all - the autumn weather is my favourite. I love that cardigan from Target! :)

  3. Thanks Monica! I have it in two colours, haha. Wish it had pockets though :(


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