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Travel Diary: Gananoque Part 2

A couple weeks back my family and I visited Gananoque for a couple of days, which was both a relaxing and interesting little trip. If you missed part one, you can catch up Here! This is the second instalment of the many photos I took during our cruise through the thousand islands. I'm not sure if its because I haven't spent much time on the water or maybe I was just a fish in another life, but I find everything about boats and marine life very interesting. I live very far from any substantial body of water, so when I get a chance to be out on one I really enjoy it (as long as I'm not in a Kayak, that is....I do not do well in Kayaks). Anyways, here is part 2!


  1. Just as beautiful as part 1 - The water looks so enticing! Thanks for sharing :)


  2. Gorgeous pictures! I think there's a strong part of me that would love to live in a house on one of those islands, like the one you snapped! It would be so peaceful, so serene... sigh. Maybe one day!


  3. Being on a boat is the best place to be for sure. I went to the thousand islands when I was little, I'd love to go back now.

  4. Adding this to my list of possible weekend getaways. We are in northeast Ohio, so this isn't too terribly far for us (at least for a 3 or 4 day weekend). Looks lovely! Glad you had good weather.


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