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Back to Routine

When you think of heading back to school most people think of a nice easy week of first classes, full of syllabus reading and being let out early. Nursing is not about that life. I jumped into school with quizzes due before the first class, 8 hours of labs, and Clinical placements to scramble to prepare for. I don't know why nursing profs feel the need to jolt us so rudely out of our summer laziness, but they definitely seem to love it.

All complaining aside, this means that my blog has taken the back seat until I can get a handle on my new course load and figure out how the hell I'm going to juggle everything. I will be back, but please excuse my possibly sporadic posts over the next few weeks. I hope everyone who is going back to school has a smooth transition, and those that aren't - I hope you cherish the feeling! Haha.


  1. Good luck with your course! My sister has recently qualified as a nurse and from what she tells me it's a lot of hard work.

  2. Love that quote. Good luck this semester :)

  3. thanks Robert! And congrats to your sister- it is hard work! haha.


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