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Royal Winter Fair 2014

This past weekend I visited Toronto for a quick trip to the Royal Winter Fair. This fair is kind of a long-standing tradition in our family, and we've gone every year for as long as I can remember. Over time its grown and the shopping in the convention center has gotten so good that even non-horse people come just to shop. The horse show at night is definitely the main draw for my Family though, and the indoor Eventing is incredibly exciting (and dangerous, especially this year!). If you aren't into horses I won't bore you with the details, but basically its crazy outdoor jumps put inside an arena, and the competitors try to complete the course as fast as possible. Two people fell off this year, but nobody was seriously hurt.

This little goat made me laugh multiple times standing in the little feed bin. I walked by a few times and each time it would look up at me with such a confused look on her face. She's not stuck, but she looks like she thinks she is! haha. Does anybody share the same love for this fair as I do? If you ever visit Toronto in the fall, I highly recommend it :)

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