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Knee Socks.

I couldn't resist naming the title of this 'knee socks' after one of my favourite arctic monkeys songs. I realize these are actually over-the-knee socks, but please find it in your heart to forgive me ;) My parents dog also decided she wanted in on the fun, but then ran away halfway through. Sadly, I think she completely out-modelled me. Such a photogenic little pup.

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Dress: Walmart //
Tights: Aldo //
Socks: Joe Fresh //
Boots: Steve Madden //
Necklace: Aldo //
Glasses: BonLook //


  1. So cute! I remember the first time I saw knee socks was on clueless and every girl had to have them :)


  2. Okay, I'm obsessed with your parent's dog. What kind is she? She's gorgeous.

  3. haha they are definitely making a comeback! So funny how fashion completely goes in cycles like that.

  4. She's a poodle/ Burnese mountain dog cross! She's a lovely dog, very energetic but also loves to snuggle, and is the perfect size. She's endlessly amusing! haha

  5. I love this outfit! My over the knee socks are my favorite this time of year!

  6. I loveeeee my knee high socks - just too fun

  7. Love this look!


  8. So pretty!

    God bless,

    XO, Claire


  9. I read this title and immediately "knee socks" played in my head, so I had to click to see if you mentioned Arctic Monkeys and yes. yes you did.


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