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Ponies and Paddocks

I couldn't post these photos before Christmas because I wanted to give some of the prints to my Mom (they're her horses), and I didn't want her to see them since she reads my blog (hey Mom!). So these are quite clearly from several months ago, when the ground wasn't covered in snow and the leaves were still such beautiful colours, but I really wanted to post them anyways.
Shot with Fujifilm colour superia film and my trusty little Carena cx-300.

This last shot is my favourite. Isn't she a goof!? haha


  1. Beautiful shots! I have been seeing a lot of photos of horses lately and they all want make me want to get out and search for some to photograph:) I am sure your Mom loved these! What a great gift idea!


  2. These photos are GORGEOUS! I especially love the last one. I bet your mom was over the moon to get the prints.

  3. Such beautiful photos!!

  4. Beautiful photos! I had the same problem with some of my Christmas gifts and paintings. I had to wait to post about them until after I gave them to people. Some I didn't end up posting about because they were DIY Christmas craft related and I didn't want to post a Christmas DIY after Christmas. lol! There's always next year, i guess.

  5. Thanks Alyson! Horses are the best subjects, in my opinion :) haha

  6. Thanks Mar! Yeah, she liked the last one a lot. That horse is adorable.


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