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Classy Plaid

Alright, I know the words 'classy' and 'plaid' don't immediately seem to go together, but somehow this dress from Wearall makes it work. I sort of wish I had discovered this dress a little earlier and been able to wear it at christmas because it would have been perfect, but honestly I think its pretty versatile. At any rate, I plan on wearing it through the winter because paired with fleece-lined leggings and a blazer, its pretty cozy!

Please excuse the expression on my face - I was absolutely freezing standing in -20 weather!

Dress: c/o Wearall //
Blazer: Thrifted //
Leggings: Urban outfitters //
Necklace: Aldo //
Bag: Forever 21 //
Boots: NorthFace //


  1. Love this dress! Plaid became one of my absolute favorites this season!

  2. The dress and blazer combination looks so good! I've always wanted a plaid dress with a collar:) x


  3. You are crazy for standing outside in the -20 weather! Ottawa has been way too cold lately!
    However, I do love this look - you make classy plaid work very well :)

  4. I'm loving the dress and tassel necklace with the boots. Its so classy and cool. You are so brave for standing outside in such cold weather. I couldn't even do pictures in 30° weather!

  5. I love that plaid dress! I never would have thought of plaid as classy before a month ago, but I've seen so many fashion bloggers pairing their plaid tops with cute skirts and making it work that I've definitely changed my mind on that. lol! We had below zero wind chill yesterday but it wasn't quite that bad! Brrrr!

  6. Thanks Jordyn! A couple years ago I would not be caught dead in plaid, but now I quite like it :)

  7. haha, I know...I'm insane. I was outside today as well, but it was only -8 haha. Significantly warmer!

  8. thanks! Haha brave, or crazy? I think probably the latter ;)


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