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Sweater Tights

I think you'll have to be a fellow fashion-blogger-tripod-user to feel my pain on this, but as I was taking these photos a little old man and his dog took a shining to me and walked by me about 4 times as I was setting up. As somebody who isn't completely delusional, I know that taking photos of myself, without a coat, in -15 weather is strange behaviour, and therefore am rather self-conscious of it. Unfortunately this man was enraptured by what I was doing and would clearly not be leaving any time soon, so I proceeded to take my photos in a rush and get the hell out of there as quickly as possible. I did not white-balance. I did not spend several minutes meticulously focusing (just kidding, I never do that, as you can likely tell).
Long story short, I'm sorry these photos are rather shitty, and my white-balance is all over the place....but you can still clearly see my outfit, so I decided to share anyhow. The End.

Tights: Urban Outfitters //
Skirt: H&M //
Top: Target //
Scarf: Ardenes //
Boots: Steve Madden //
Bag: Smartset //


  1. What a cute outfit.. I love those tights! Haven't seen those before :D The photos still came out beautiful! When people say someone was watching them.. I wouldn't have guessed. My face would be completely expressive and awkward haha

  2. #awkward. Sorry about the old man. Love your outfit, though!

  3. Oh god, I seriously can't stand that. I'm already so weird about taking photos outside of myself but of course there is always that neighbor that has to come outside and watch you while trying to act like they are not. lol! So weird! ANYWAY, love your outfit tho! I think your photos still came out great!

  4. Hahaha! This is so funny! I have a funny story that will make you feel slightly better about the whole situation. I was once filming a fashion video in downtown Portland and lots of people started walking by as I was doing the "close-up-try-to-look-like-Tyra-Banks-smizing" face. Long story short, my husband started bursting out laughing as I did myself and we couldn't even use the footage because it was all just too ridiculous. Aside from this, the outfit is great!

  5. You look beautiful! Love your outfit!
    --Me and My Mini Me

  6. Adorable outfit! I need to take photos too but ontario is too dang cold - you're brave lol

  7. This is a hilarious story! And, it just proves that sometimes the experiences, and the stories, are more important for a good blog post than perfect pictures. And... I'm missing the snow.


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