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It's so fluffy!

My cat is probably at the fluffiest she's ever been, and I feel the need to document the cuteness. She's also my only willing model (aka the only one who can't tell me to piss off and is too lazy to walk away).


  1. Your photos are gorgeous! She's a real star. Those eyes. That fluffiness. What a beautiful cat.

  2. She is so pretty! I love her green eyes and speckled nose!

  3. What a beauty! I could look at pictures of kitties all day. Mine hate when I snap so many of them. They're all "One and you're done. No more." :P


  4. that is one beautiful cat! what's her name?

  5. She's so pretty! I love the big fluffy type of cats. I always had short hair kitties. She has the cutest little spotted nose! lol

  6. Thanks so much! Her name is Mary (I adopted her, so I didn't name her, haha)


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