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Parc Omega

This weekend my Boyfriend took me to a zoo in Quebec called Parc Omega. Its been around for as long as I'm alive, but somehow neither of us had ever been. Its not really a zoo, or a park, or a safari, but sort of a combination of all three. You drive through and all the deer/elk/moose/pigs come up to the car to get treats and say hello, and then there are designated places where you can get out and feed them up-close. Obviously this is not the case with the wolves, bears, or buffalo, but the deer and pigs are incredibly friendly. We went through three bags of carrots, haha!

The wolves are apparently somewhat elusive most of the time, but we went on a cool, somewhat drizzly day and they seemed to be quite happy in that weather. Also, the morons in front of us were throwing bits of hot dogs at them (great job, assholes....I'm sure that's great for them!) so they were quite interested in us.

Do you have something similar to this where you live? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to know!

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  1. Oh this looks amazing! I don't know of any place like this close to me. I can't believe you got to see wolves!


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