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A selection of random photos of the critters around the farm. As a blogger, sometimes I'll take some photos just for fun and make a blog post draft under some rather vague headings, like 'animals' and 'flowers'...and then when I get enough photos of a similar subject, I'll make them into a post. So when you see a bunch of flowers, I may not have necessarily taken them all at once. I'm sneaky like that.

Any fellow bloggers do the same thing?


  1. I always have way too many pictures! So I never really do this with photos (though I've done with random thoughts). My problem is telling myself it's okay to blog a post that's a dozen+ photos and barely a dozen words. I love photography so much but I want my posts to have more of a purpose, so I only really feel comfortable sharing photos-on-their-own if they're a proper portrait shoot or event shoot or something. And even then I find myself wishing I could interview the model or something, lol.


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